Tips: Dress to impress (the weather)


Wondering about taking a trip to Norway and experience the nature adventures?

To get the best experience you have to know how to dress based on the weather. You can rarely dress up in shorts and t-shirt. Summer months are from may to august, and the temperatures can vary from 10 to 30 degrees. The seasons autumn, winter and fall can vary in temperatures from -15 to 20 degrees, and the weather can vary from rain, snow and sun. Our main tip is to have some warm and windproof clothes in you backpack regardless of the weather. Even though its so hot you can wear shorts.

So, how to dress?

  • Good and waterproof hiking boots. Do not start a long hike with total new boots – you should test them before and see where you will have the risk of gall or blister. Then you can prepare your feet with example sports tape before you start hiking.
  • Wool underwear like shirt, long john and wool socks are the absolute best to bring for your Norway adventure. Wool will warm you in cold weather and still be warm even though it is wet. No other fabric has that characteristic. Wool can also cool you down if it is hot. And wool do not smell sweat after use!
  • A warming mid layer to put in your backpack, should be something light like fleece or small down jacket.
  • Shell jacket and pants that is wind- and waterproof. During winter you need a bigger down jacket and or a warmer mid layer.


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