What is a fjord?

N¾r¿yfjorden, Sogn og Fjordane


Photo: Fjordnorway/Svein Ulvund


Fjord & has its name from the fantastic fjords that surrounds us in Bergen, Norway. We just love the dramatically nature experience the fjords give us.

Fjords are some of the most dramatic landscape features on earth. Fjord, from the norse “fjörðr”, means “der man ferder over” (English “where you travel across”) or “å sette over på den andre siden” (english “put across to the other side”). Fjords are found in locations where current or past glaciations extended below current sea level. A fjord is formed when a glacier retreats, after carving its typical U-shaped valley, and the sea fills the resulting valley floor. This forms a narrow, steep sided inlet connected to the sea.

The most famous fjords of western Norway are Nærøyfjorden, Geirangerfjorden, Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. Geirangerfjorden and Nærøyfjorden were inscribed on UNESCO´s list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites. Sognefjorden is Norway´s longest and deepest fjord, and is the world´s second longest fjord. It extends over 204 km and are 1308 meters at its deepest. When you visit the fjords in Norway you will find that a glacier is still nearby, and that is rare compared to other fjords in the world. In the Norwegian fjords you will find settlements along the shore, and even high up in the mountains.


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