It takes 450 years before a plastic bottle degrade


In NorwayInsight we work with nature experiences and are environmentally conscious. We want to take care of the nature and our environment. That is why the topic on today’s post is plastic littering and what a devastating problem this is. Plastic litter causes pollution in the sea. We want to encourage you to use less plastic.

Marin litter includes both wastes along the shoreline and in the sea. It can be anything from plastic bottles, cigarette butts and q-tips to ropes and fishing nets. The waste we see at the shoreline is only a small part of the total amount, about 70% sinks to the bottom. It takes 450 years before a plastic bottle degrade! Plastic accumulates where ocean currents forming giant vortices.


Photo: Sotra fire department


Photo: Christoph Noever. All this plastic was inside the whale.

Lets take an example that recently happened at Sotra in Bergen. A sick whale had to be euthanized because of human littering of plastic. It is completely unnecessary that such things should happen. Researchers found 30 plastic bags inside the belly of the whale. This should have been avoided and it is tragic that sea creatures are getting injured and dies as a result of littering. Therefore, think twice before you both buy and throw plastic.


Photo: Øyvind Våge,, Pernille Sommer

In Bergen we have a store called ”Råvarene” and is a zero waste colonial. It is a packaging free shop that wants to be as environmentally conscious as possible. The customers bring reusable containers, glass and bags.

The groceries we buy are mainly wrapped in plastic. We use too much wrappings and this leads to a large waste problem. It would therefore help if more people buy groceries that are not wrapped. As a result of this we will throw less food because it is easier to plan your meals and then buy exactly the amount you need. Plastic has impact on our health because it contains hormone disrupters and we do not quite know how substances affect our health.

So, think before you use plastic, and do not throw garbage in the nature. What can you do instead of using plastic? Think about it!


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