Bergen as a starting point for sustainable travels
Bergen and Ulriksbanen, taken from Mt. Ulriken Photo: Espen Haagensen – VisitBergen

Here I am, at the Fjord& office, at the Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen city, one of the oldest large trading ports of Northern Europe. Bergen was a natural safe harbour, with a suitable location for export to and import from the european market.

A trading settlement was already established during the 1020s or 1030s, and the city was founded in 1070. The city since became one of North Europe’s largest centres for trade, partly due to the location.

Today this city may serve you as a excellent starting point for spectacular journeys. The city is located between 2 of the countries largest fjords, Hardangerfjorden to the south, and Sognefjorden to the north.

Both The Hanseatic Wharf and the 2 fjords is listed on UNESCO World Heritage list. And heritage is a key point in Fjord&, as our main focus is sustainability.

Sustainable travels

The Hanseatic Wharf, where we are so lucky to have our office, represents a success story of sustainability. The buildings are maintained and cared for and are still used for housing businesses, as they were way back in the days, such as the Impact HUB where we belong.

Bryggen, the Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen. Photo: Andrea Giubelli – VisitNorway

The old wooden walls, the leaning floors and creaking sounds makes me feel a connection to my heritage and history. This is not to be taken for granted. Sustainability is an ongoing and a continuous prosess. 

As a tourist you have a unique possibility to contribute in a positive way. You have different choices, that can contribute to, or counteract a sustainable development, when it comes down to local culture, economy, nature and environment. Choices like:

  • How will I travel?
  • Which experiences do I want?
  • What will I eat?

There are many more choices to make, but it will take too long to go through everything now. We will try to point you in a sustainable direction by answering the above questions for you.

In which way will I travel?

To travel the same way as we do today – by plane, cruise ships and so on, is not environmentally sound. We can pray for green innovation and changed consumer habits for the future. But right now, you can make changes to minimize the impact of your travel. As you arrive in Bergen, your continued journey can be more sustainable, if you make smart choices. The city has an excellent public transport system and you can travel resource-efficient to the outskirts of our beautiful fjords, and at the same time leave only a minimum footprint and a good impression behind

Public transport in Bergen. Photo: Bergens Tidene

Which experiences do I want?

You can support local business, provide workplaces and financial growth, by using our local guides, activity providers, cultural activities and more. There are lots to choose from- find what you like.

You can eat a fishcake, enjoy the peaceful public parks and «green pockets» around the city.  Put on your walking-shoes, or get on a bike. Get out there, and maybe even talk to som locals. Slow down, experience more, and enjoy -in a more conscious way.

What will I eat?

December 11th  2015, UNESCO designated Bergen as a City of Gastronomy, Bergen has a long history in international trade in seafood, and this is reflected in its traditional and coastal gastronomy. The city’s food culture originating from sea biodiversity is considered the most sustainable in Europe. WWF has a seafood guide to help you make sustainable choices.

Fish me, Bergen. Photo: – Åse Marie Evjen

Also, Bergen thrives on organic food, the production of which is supported by more than 3,000 farmers Organic food and sustainable seafood are at the core of the city’s cultural identity and development. We urge you to enjoy the local produce. 

Tips to try Bergens traditional and costal food culture: Try our self-guided tour: Taste of Bergen.

Fjord& wishes you all the best with your sustainable choices and also welcomes you to beautiful experiences by the fjords of Norway.

If you want to be a responsible traveller check out these guidelines.

Written by: Marianne Thon Sørensen ( 23.05.2017


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