Top 10 places to visit in Norway


  1. Trolltungatrolltunga3-scott-sporleder-matador-network-fjordnorway

Photo: Scott Sporleder – Matador Network – FjordNorway

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway. It lays 1100 m.a.s about 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet. There is a fantastic and airy view. The trip to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal and takes from 10-12 hours (a total of 23 km). This is a long and demanding trip. VisitNorway Trolltunga

Fjord & offers trips to Trolltunga, you can check them out here:


2. Bryggen in Bergen


Photo: Scott Sporleder – Matador Network – FjordNorway

Bergen’s first settlement was situated at Bryggen, which is currently included in UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is one of Bergen’s most popular attractions. Bryggen has for centuries been a lively and central part of the city. Many fires have ravaged Bryggen and a large fire in 1702 left the whole city in ashes.


3. Mt. Fløyen

floyen6-floibanen-robin-strandPhoto: Robin Strand

You can take the funicular or walk up to Mt. Fløyen. The funicular is one of Norway’s most famous attractions that take place in the center of Bergen. The trip on the funicular takes you to the top of Mt. Fløyen between five and eight minutes. Read more about Fløyen here. You can also hike “Vidden” from Mt. Fløyen to Mt. Ulriken.


4. Mt. Ulriken643

Photo: Espen Haagensen – VisitBergen

The cable car to Mt. Ulriken takes you to the top in seven minutes. Mt. Ulriken is the highest city mountain in Bergen. At the top you can take Zipline Ulriken, Norways fastest zipline. You can also enjoy food at Sky, the scraper restaurant, which is Bergens highest eatery. There is also an activity park, tuftepark and a mountain shop. You can also go hiking at Mt. Ulriken.


5. Geiranger Skywalk


Photo: Geiranger Skywalk –

In August 2016, the new plateau on Dalsnibba officially opened. The name is Geiranger Skywalk. The base consists of grates, and the railings are made of glass. This allows you to see the center and Geirangerfjorden as well as to the mountains and the Blue glacier. With a free fall of about 500 meters you get the felling of hovering – even if you naturally stand safe. Read more here.


6. Pulpit Rock


The Pulpit rock is one of Rogaland’s best – visited attractions – and one of the country’s most spectacular photo motives. In 2011, the Pulpit Rock was voted as one of the World’s most spectacular views of both CNN and Lonely Planet. The Pulpit Rock is 604 meters high, and is set as a pulpit over Lysefjorden. It was probably formed by frost breaking at the time when the glacier lay close and just over the chair itself, about 10,000 years ago. Water that froze in the mountains burst loose large, arched blocks as the glacier transported with it.


7. Fjellstua viewpoint Ålesund

aksla viewpoint

Photo: Ståle Wattø – Aksla viewpoint

In Ålesund you can visit the Town Mountain and viewpoint Aksla. From this location there is a panoramic view of the archipelago, the beautiful town centre, and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps. Walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park, go by car or take the City Train up to Fjellstua.


8. Stegastein lookout


Photo: Jonny Akselsen – Flåm Utvikling AS

Stegastein is a viewpoint where you can experience a panoramic view of the Aurlandsfjord. Stegastein is located along the mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal and is part of the National Tourist routes. The building that protrudes 30 meters from the mountainside and 650 meters above Aurland and the fjord, it is worth a visit.


9. Fjordsafari


Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik – FjordNorway

Enjoy the West Norwegian nature from open RIB boats on a guided tour of Aurlandsfjorden and the world heritage area Nærøyfjorden. There are max 12 people on each boat. You get a unique view of the countryside and the life along the fjord, as well as local stories. You can also go on Fjordsafari with Fjord&.


10. The Northern Light


Photo: Kirkenes Snowhotel

Northern Lights safari in Northern Norway. This picture speaks for itself. Amazing experience! 



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