Slow-travel to Trolltunga!

Sunset at trolltunga Photo: Trolltunga Active

The slow movement (culture)

Carlo Petrini sparked the creation of the slow movement when he and a group of activists protested against the opening of a McDonald´s restaurant in Piazza di Spagna, Rome in 1986, with the initial aim to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life.

Over time, this developed into the slow movement. The movement advocates a cultural shift towards slowing down the pace of 21st, and now includes almost every aspect of life, such as slow travel, slow cities, slow schools, slow fashion, slow ageing, slow TV, and more.

Slow travel

Pauline Kenny, founder of is known to be the first to use the expression slow travel, in year 2000. This concept was all about having a deeper experience of your travel by staying in one place longer and seeing what´s near you. There is now a community of slow travellers around the world sharing their experiences, definitions and philosophies of slow travels online.

Trolltunga sunset and sunrise tour

Fjord& has previously suggested Bergen as a starting-point for sustainable travels, suggesting to pursue experiences in the near area. Today we want to focus on one very special and beautiful experience, that starts in Bergen: Trolltunga sunset and sunrise tour.

This tour offers a hike to the famous Trolltunga. But instead of doing it all in one go, there will be a sleepover, in tents, at the very top. So instead of  one day, you get two beautiful days at Trolltunga. We hope this makes it very easy for you to try out some slow traveling, choose experience over sights, quality over quantity and at the same time make a sustainable choice.

5 good reasons you should slow-travel to Trolltunga:

  1. Relax

Instead of the goal of the hike being to post that famous pic on Instagram. Lets make the goal to enjoy every step of the way. (You will still get that picture!) No need to hurry up to reach back before it gets dark. By removing the rush you can lower your stress and really enjoy nature and good company! Charge your batteries on the top, during the night, and be fresh and rested for the descent.

  1. Safety

Did you know that in 2016 more than 40 tourists had to be rescued down from Trolltunga, cold, exhausted, and scared? It is 23km, in rugged terrain and the weather can get cruel very fast, turning this from a joyride into something like a scene from the movie ”Alive”. With a skilled guide, all the necessary equipment, food and a suitable timeframe this adventure in the Norwegian wilderness may turn out to be one of the most beautiful outdoor experience you ever had!

  1. Connecting with people and place

Having time and sharing an adventure with a small group offers opportunities for connecting with people and place. Without any form of communication, links, or confrontation the travel experience may get a bit sterile.

  1. Empower local economy

By using a local guide-company, local transportation, and eating local food, you contribute to a possible livelihood in the small villages in the outskirts of Norway. 

  1. Low impact tourism

By staying longer in one place, and by using public transportation, you put less stress on the environment.


Link to the tour: Trolltunga sunset and sunrise tour

If you are planning to go to Trolltunga, we recommend you read our blogpost Trolltunga Rescue

For more information or other activities check out our website:

Written by: Marianne Thon Sørensen ( 08.08.2017


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