The UCI Road World Championships 2017


Photo: Sverre Hjornevik – FjordNorway

The UCI World Championships 2017 is situated in Bergen, and it is fun to see the engagement among the people! Norway’s cycling federation is proud to host The UCI World Championships 2017 in Bergen. This is the second time in history that Norway is hosting the championship on the country roads. Many tourists from all over the world have come to Bergen to attend this ”folkefest”. The word ”Folkefest” is a Norwegian designation of a large gathering to celebrate something – and in this case -, the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen.


Photo: Hogne Mork Hundvebakke – BergenBaseCamp

There is plenty of culture to enjoy during the cycling championship. On Thursday, September 21st, there is a public ride that everyone can participate in. If you wish to attend, you can rent a bike here. For more information about the cultural program, you can read about it here. 


Photo: Andrea Giubelli – VisitNorway

Bergen is an UNESCO world heritage town, a European culture city and the gateway to the fjords. We want to give you some tips for things to do while you are in Bergen.

Taste of Bergen: Self – guided Taste of Bergen Tour where you taste some of the local specialities while passing some of the oldest and most picturesque parts of Bergen. Experience eco friendly samples of traditional and authentic Norwegian food in exiting places and restaurants in Bergen, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. More information here.

Panoramic hike across Vidden: Self-guided day trip. The city mountain hike ‘Vidden’ from Mt Ulriken to Mt Fløyen offers exciting cultural history as well as beautiful and wild highland nature and scenic views of the city, fjord and mountains. Vidden is the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains and offers the best views of the area. Read more here.

Bryggen in Bergen: Bergen’s first settlement was situated at Bryggen, which is currently included in UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is one of Bergen’s most popular attractions. Bryggen has for centuries been a lively and central part of the city. Many fires have ravaged Bryggen and a large fire in 1702 left the whole city in ashes.

Mt. Fløyen: You can take the funicular or walk up to Mt. Fløyen. The funicular is one of Norway’s most famous attractions that take place in the center of Bergen. The trip on the funicular takes you to the top of Mt. Fløyen between five and eight minutes.

Mt. Ulriken 643: The cable car to Mt. Ulriken takes you to the top in seven minutes. Mt. Ulriken is the highest city mountain in Bergen. At the top you can take Zipline Ulriken, Norways fastest zipline. You can also enjoy food at Sky, the scraper restaurant, which is Bergens highest eatery. There is also an activity park, tuftepark and a mountain shop. You can also go hiking at Mt. Ulriken.


We hope you enjoy The World Championship and the beautiful city, Bergen!





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