Winter holiday in Norway?

Winter in Norway, Northern lights. Photo: Kirkenes Snowhotel

Are you planning a holiday in Norway anytime soon? Norway has four seasons and every season has its charm. Winter can be hard, dark and freezing, or it can be cozy and filled with magic and beauty. I guess it depends on your perspective.

So let us, Fjord&, guide you to the point of view where you can enjoy the cold, fresh air while adventuring in the fjords and mountains glazed in winter coat. 

Experience Stegastein on snowshoes. Photo: Sverre Hjornevik – FjordNorway

This caption is from one of our winter adventures “Magic winter adventure in Fjord Norway”. On this adventure you will expect a 3-day winter trip with fjord safari to the Nærøyfjord, snowshoeing to Stegastein and the Flåm Railway. In the winter, you can combine city break with a trip to the fjords in winter suit.

Sledge ride with huskys. Photo: Fjord&

You can go at husky safari and while you are in Kirkenes in Northern Norway you can experience the fantastic Northern Light.

Trolltunga wintertime. Photo: Trolltunga Active

This is from the famous Trolltunga. In the winter you can experience this spectacular mountain and the fjords on snowshoes.


Welcome to our magical winter land!



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