Most popular destinations in Norway 2017


Stoltzekleiven, Bergen. Foto: Renate Skar Skulstad 2017

There are many popular destinations to choose from when it comes to visiting Norway, and most of them can be both beautiful and breathtaking. Visitnorway have made a list that includes the following ranking of most popular places in Norway 2017:

  1. Oslo
  2. Bergen
  3. Trondheim
  4. Flåm
  5. The Lofoten Islands
  6. Tromsø
  7. Stavanger-Region
  8. The Geiranger Fjord
  9. Kirkenes and Eastern Finmark
  10. The Ålesund and Sunmøre Area

There are many different search engines and sites one can use when trying to figure out what to do and what to see when in Norway, and for that reason I also wanted to show you what the results would be if we looked up top 10 things to do in Norway in Tripadvisor. We got the following list:

  1. Mount Fløyen and the funicular (Bergen)
  2. Geiranger fjord
  3. Vigeland museum (Oslo)
  4. Pulpit Rock (Stavanger)
  5. The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet (Oslo)
  6. Fram Polar Ship Museum (Oslo)
  7. Vigelandsparken (Oslo)
  8. Lysefjord (Stavanger)
  9. Trolltunga (Odda)
  10. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf (Bergen)



Aurlandsfjorden Foto: Henrik Tue Bang 2015

So based on these two lists can we see any similarities? Four of the things to do are directly linked to Oslo and two of the things to do are directly linked to Stavanger. Moreover two of the things to do are directly linked to Bergen, however we also have two indirect links to Bergen, as Bergen can be the starting point of trips to see the Geiranger fjord and Trolltunga. To sum up the list we are left with Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger as the most popular destinations to visit. We can also see that the things to do in Oslo listed on Trip advisor are more of the cultural art (museums and sculpture park). And that Bergen and Stavanger is more linked to nature experiences.


Gullbotn, Bergen. Foto: Renate Skar Skulstad 2015

So the big question is, is this enough information to base choices of places to visit and things to do in Norway? Can we narrow it down, or should we widen it up to get a better result of what is really worth seeing and doing? In my opinion the list from VisitNorway is a good list and it includes “all” of Norway, the Tripadvisor list on the other hand is rated by the guest feedback on the places visited but it is a clear trend that Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger is popular places to visit. I think you will come a long way with thinking a little bit outside the box when planning your next Norway vacation and I will get back on this later on in a another blog post, we at fjord& are working towards, to offer off-the beaten track sustainable experiences in Norway and this is a good place to gather valuable information from local experts on what to see and experience when in Norway.

In my opinion there is much information out there about what to possibly see and do in Norway, but very little information regarding what to expect when visiting some of the places in the high season, so please follow my next blog post that will be all about overpopulated tourism traps and how to avoid them.

Written by Renate Skar Skulstad.


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