Let expectations be reality


Norway is a destination that is well worth visiting summer as winter; the beautiful fjords, mountains, midnight sun, snow and the northern lights are a trigger for many. Many people in todays society live a rather hectic everyday life running from A to B, and as I have written about in one of my earlier blog post nature has a true healing power, Norway is full of untouched nature that can give you this healing effect if that is what you are searching for.


Photo: Kirkenes Snøhotell

Before planning your trip to Norway it is important that you make up your mind about what you want to get out of your trip first. You should ask yourself the question “What is it that I want to see and experience?” And then continue to do your first hand research if it’s possible to combine your wish with reality. “Fitting your expectations with reality” Over-expectations and under-expectations can both be a result of too little research beforehand.


Photo by: WWF

One example of over-expectations is if you think you will see polar bears walking around in the streets of Oslo, I am sorry but you will be disappointed, because that is not the reality. I recommend you to get in touch with someone who has the knowledge that can help you with planning your trip. We at Fjord&, for example, will be happy to provide you with first hand valuable information about Norway and guide you when planning your next trip. We offer a various selection of sustainable experience and can tailor according to your wishes. We aim to create valuable sustainable experiences for you that will be ever lasting for the heart and soul.

To sum up the above, here are three stages that is beneficial to follow when planning your next trip to Norway:

  • 1. Expectations (Make your mind up) “What is it that I want to see and experience?”
  • 2. Research (Gathering valuable information) “Is it possible?”
  • 3. Fitting expectations with reality (combine information and wishes) “What can I expect to gain from my trip to Norway?

By following the steps Expectations, Research and Fitting you will have a great starting point and hopefully not be disappointed by either over-expectations or under-expectations. They can both be very harmful for your overall experience. It’s also important to keep in mind that moving around in Norway from one place to another takes time and planning, and some of the typical tourism sights are overpopulated during the high-season.


Please contact us at Fjord& and we will be happy to help you plan your next trip to Norway. We will come with useful tips and information to help you with sustainable experiences in Norway.

Here are some sites and books you can check out about information about Norway before planning your trip:

Written By Renate Skar Skulstad 2018


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