2 stunning fjord & mountain day-tours from Bergen

When arriving in Norway and Bergen you probably have a wish to see the fjords and mountains, and it can be difficult to choose what kind of tour you would like to do. You are maybe not interested in doing the same tour as everyone else and stand in line to take pictures and enjoy the view; maybe you seek more peaceful ways to discover Bergen and the surrounding areas. We at fjord& have a variety of different tours to offer you and in this post I will tell you more about two of them, the similarities of the tours are that they have a characteristics of being local and off the beaten track.


Osterøy – The Hidden Fjord Pearl


Above the Clouds at Bruviksnipa, Photo: Kenneth Smeby 2017

If you want to go into the fjords, and experience a fjord-island this is the trip for you. The special thing about this island is that it is surrounded by a fjord and is only connected to the mainland with the bridge Osterøybrua. Osterøy is northern Europe’s second largest island not directly adjacent to the ocean. We offer a guided day-tour to Osterøy with either a spectacular hike to Bruviksnipa, (822 meters above sea level) or a bike trip along the fjord line of the island Osterøy.


Klyvvikje Farm, 2017 

The starting point of the trip is at Bryggen in Bergen and the tour in total takes approximately 9 hours. Both variations of the trip includes a visit at the local farm Klyvvikje, here you will get a full tour of the farm, including all elements from animals, tools, furniture and the history behind it all. You will also be served traditional food, and be able to participate in different activities. We will also offer this tour as a multiday-tour option with accommodation in a Lavo. For booking and to read more about the tour follow this link.


Ulriken/Fløyen – Panoramic Hike Across Vidden


View from Ulriken, Photo: Renate Skar Skulstad 2017

We offer this tour both as a self-guided and guided day-tour, the hike itself is around 13 km and the approximate time will be 4-6 hours depending on your phase. You will be taking the Ulriksbanen (funicular) up to mount Ulriken and then start the hiking toward mount Fløyen and take Fløybanen (cable car) down to the city centre. At mount Ulriken you also have the possibility to take Norway’s fastest Zip-Line, for booking and to read more about this follow this link.

28575731_10159954231125184_3342451119458776534_nView from Fløyen, Photo: Renate Skar Skulstad 2018

The hike across vidden is a beautiful hike with a panoramic view of the fjords and islands surrounding Bergen, if the weather is good you will get a spectacular view, but it is as we say in Norway “there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.” To be outside and walk in the nature is healing for both body and soul no matter if it is on a rainy day. For booking and more information about the tour follow this link.

We at Fjord& are at your service when planning your next day-tour or multiday-tour from Bergen. Feel free to contact us if you have any special request as we also do custom made tours.

Written by Renate Skar Skulstad 2018


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