Why do people travel?

Globus“Why do people travel?” is a question we might ask ourselves. I will share my thoughts around this aspect in this blog post. We travel because of several different reasons (1) some travel because they need to do so (for survival reasons), others travel for (2) business and others again travel for (3) leisure. All types of travel give us the same opportunity to explore different parts of this beautiful world, the people we meet, the animals and the nature – all part of a great eco-system we need to take care of.

One main point for travelling should in my opinion be to enrich our-selves by exploring different parts of this world. I myself travel for one main reason love, because the memories we create will last forever in the heart. Life is like a travel, a travel is sometimes an uphill climb, or a downhill ride, we all have some obstacles in our way, that we need to overcome to get the nicest view. Travel with love in your heart and the ride will be worth it. No matter the reason for travelling make the most out of it, don’t forget to stop for a moment take the beauty that is surrounding us in and enjoy it, because we are surrounded by true beauty.


When travelling, travel with an open-mind, be open for the different cultures we find in the world, learn about the similiarities and the differences, show gratitude and respect for the people, nature and animals. I myself see myself as a citizen of the world, ever since I was little I always wanted to travel and experience the world with curiosity, life is like a puzzle and by travelling we explore new pieces for the understanding of this world as a whole. And remember this Norwegian saying “Hvor det er hjerterom er det husrom” Be kind and you will receive kindness in return. To heal this world we all need to take part of the world as a whole, and not barricade ourselves by fear or other reasons chose not to take part in it. So enjoy life, travel with an open-mindset and love.

Happy Easter Everyone ❤

Written by Renate Skar Skulstad, March 2018



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