What can Norway Insight offer you?

Norway Insight offers nature adventures and local culture. We have been doing this for 12 years in the centre of Bergen and in Fjord Norway. We feel very lucky to live our lives in the Fjords of Norway and we love to be able to share this amazing destination and our adventures with you.


Zipline on Mt. Ulriken


We offer many exiting adventures, both day tours and multi day tours. But what suits you? We can tailor your next nature experience according to your wishes and needs.


Among the day trips we can offer food tour in Bergen, Zipline at Mt. Ulriken, guided panoramic hike across vidden, guided blue ice hike, bike tours, hiking and farm visit, kayak and glacier in Fjord Norway and much more.


Into the fjords


Panoramic hike across Vidden

Among the multi-day tours we can offer sunset and sunrise at Trolltunga, biking through Hardangerfjord, biking and hiking at Osterøy, kajak in Solund, Trolltunga on snow shoes, kayak and glacier hike and hunting the northern light. Visit our website to see all the tours we offer. trolltunga active

Photo: Trollunga Active

Trolltunga sunset and sunrise tour

folgefonni breførarlag

Photo: Folgefonni Breførarlag 


Sustainability through the whole value-chain is something we at Norway Insight thrives for. For us sustainability is of the main essence in all that we do. We want to provide the market with sustainable experiences, and to do that we integrate sustainability as a natural part in all that we do. We work towards: (1) To preserve nature, culture and environment and also (2) to strengthen social values.

Choose Norway Insight to experience your next adventure!


Visit our website: NorwayInsight.com

Written by; Marion Skulstad, 2018


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