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Norway Insight 

Norway Insight, is a small company situated in Bergen. We offer soft adventures, activities, local culture and nature by the fjords of Norway. We also aim to help you to make sustainable choices for your travels. We made this blog to share our knowledge and to let you know what we are about, our values and interests. We hope you find some useful information and stories that may tempt you to visit. 


Administrators and writers of the blog

Renate Skar Skulstad, I have a great interest in beautiful nature, travel and culture. When it comes to education I have a M.Sc. In International Marketing Management, and I have worked within the field of international sales in many years. I currently live in Bergen, Norway. 

As I write this, we have reached December 2017, I have now been given the task to maintain this blog. I will do my best to captivate you as a reader and to keep you posted on new and interesting topics, with the aim provide you with useful information, and simplify the task of planning a trip to Norway.


Marion Skulstad: My name is Marion and I am a 23-year-old girl that lives in Bergen, Norway. I have an interest in marketing, digitization and technology, and took a bachelor degree in PR and marketing communication.

In 2016 I established this blog for Fjord & and wanted to give people out there something more than we can give in social media or on our website. We want to give you knowledge about the nature in Norway, culture, sustainability and the activities we offer. The idea is to give you the best starting point before embarking on adventure in Norway’s nature. That way you will get the best experience.


Marianne Thon Sørensen: I am living in Bergen, Norway. I took my bachelor degree in Outdoorlife, culture and nature guiding back in 2010. I have since been working in various natur environments such as mountains, glaciers and coastline, city and countryside, and with different activities, groups and levels.

In 2017 the task was handed to me. Anne, my boss said: “Marianne! We need to write a blog for Fjord&. Our website can not convey who we are. We have to communicate our values, our culture and what we are about. “ And here I am today. Completely hooked on blogging and how to tell you all about our nature, culture and about sustainability, destinations and activities. I am feeling truly blessed to get the opportunity to spend time to immerse in these topics, that I am so passionate about! And I really hope you will find it useful when you are planning your trip to Norway.



Enjoy the reading!

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