10 ways to travel more sustainable


Bruviksnipa. Day tour into the Fjords

One thing is for sure, and it is that more and more people are traveling and we are traveling more than before. A known problem is overturism, where the experience is ruined by the fact that there are too many tourists in the same place. Norway Insight are committed to providing local experiences to our customers. We use local guides that tell local stories. We also offer off the beaten tours that let you experience great scenery, almost for yourself.

Here are some tips to travel more sustainable:

  1. Research weather conditions and terrain before you og hiking. You dont want to get lost and need rescue. This drains public resources.
  2. Bring along a bag and pick up any trash along your hike.
  3. Travel with small group tour operators
  4. Local experiences with local guides
  5. Leave the ”Do not disturb” sign on the door of your room to cut down electricity used in vacuuming and the washing of bed linens. Turn of the lights when you leave the room. Reuse towels.
  6. Dont buy plastic bottles with water if you can. Bring your own drinking bottle and refill it. In Norway, you can drink the water from the tap.
  7. Walk, bike, use electric vehicle or use public transportation to get around whenever possible
  8. Choose an adventure company that care about the environment
  9. Eat at local restaurants
  10. Book non-stop flights. Takeoffs and landings create most of an airplanes carbon emissions.


NorwayInsight offer both day tours and multi-day tours. Take a look at our website: NorwayInsight


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